Electric Dreams

Théâtre Am Stram Gram


Matthew Shlomowitz
Electric Dreams,
A Historical Opera

(2015, création suisse)


Zoi Tsokanou
Direction musicale

Sara Ostertag
Mise en scène

Michela Flück
et costumes

Jeanne Werner
The Kid

Misaki Morino
The Sister

Sarah Pagin
The Father

Lotte Bett-Deans
The Teacher

Fernando Cuellar
The Lover

Henry Neill
The Mother

Ensemble Contrechamps


Grand Théâtre de Genève
Théâtre Am Stram Gram
Ville de Genève

Electric Dreams is the story of a teenager lost between virtual worlds that appear and disappear unexpectedly. Adrift between games and artificial paradises, breaking news and banality, she slowly forgets to exist, starts blending into the shadows of her bedroom and becomes a projection herself. An adventure punctuated by Wagnerian themes, brass band flourishes and synthesizers reminiscent of a Game Boy.